Yesterday around 3 p.m. word came in that the NYPD Harbor Patrol was assisting in removing a dog that jumped into the water after running down runway 22 at LaGuardia Airport. The NY Post has more details today, reporting that a "large, rare" dog had taken off from a cargo holding area, leading some workers on a chase. The 98-pound male Perro de Presa Canario managed to swim about a mile off shore before the NYPD caught up with him.

All in all, this took over an hour, because reportedly the dog spent 30 minutes on the runway dodging his would-be captors, and then spent 40 minutes swimming. Presumably the owners were busy deboarding the flight, which has just come in from Houston.

This isn't the first time a dog has escaped at the airport, and NYPD Det. Glenn Koch told the paper this one "didn’t give us much of a fight when we dragged him out of the water." He was eventually returned to his owners tired, but in good health... though who knows what sort of things he picked up in Flushing Bay.