The news of a fatal Staten Island car crash Sunday night seemed terrible but similar to the many stupid car races that teenagers get into when they're young and foolish. As it turns out, the car of five teenaged boys was being chased because the teenagers inside it had insulted some girls, throwing dog biscuits at them. One of the girls called a brother or boyfriend, who then came with another guy, both wielding baseball bats. The teenagers sped off and after being chased, crashed into another car, flipped over, and one boy was "ejected onto the pavement" and killed. Of course, one teenager denies that they had thrown dog biscuits though admitted he wasn't paying attention. Another theory is that the fight was prompted by a football rivalry between schools, but since the attackers/defenders are reported to be in their 20s, coaches at the teenagers' high school are skeptical. Police are looking for the attackers and the girls.

Gothamist recalls high school days when kids would go the football games to make fun of the team and throw dog biscuits at the cheerleaders, then face them (both cheerleaders and football players) in homeroom back on Monday. While they are an efficient and exponentially cruel way to insult someone, dog biscuits are just not a good idea.