The Morningside Heights woman who beat her Pomeranian pup Sparky plead guilty and won't be able to own another pet for five years, in return for her no-jail plea deal. Tiara Davis was caught on surveillance video beating her dog in the elevator of the Grant Houses, and in February her statements to the police were read in court—she had told them: "I wasn't like I was killing him or anything like that. I mean I wasn't gonna really hurt him." The video (below) is disturbing, and the incident left the dog with bruises and possible liver damage—he was later put up for adoption.

According to the NY Post, she will also perform 100 hours of community service and attend anger management classes. In court today, the judge expressed his own anger about the case, saying: "Right now, I have a jury out on a murder-one case. You're taking up valuable Supreme Court time. I really don't understand the use of the grand jury and the supreme court. I'm not saying this court doesn't take the abuse of animals seriously. But so does the criminal court—and that's where this case belonged as a misdemeanor."