2006_04_toilet.jpgProving that people will research anything and everything, the SCOTT Clog Clinic says New York City is the cloggiest city in the country. Um, yay for us or ewwww for us? Now, of course Scott's goal is to talk about their toilet tissue (we're Charmin consumers, for the record), because their tissue is "fast-dissolving," but it seems many clogging problems are due to bad plumbing and "heavy flushing periods." Scott provides tips to a less-clogged toilet at their Clog Clinic (there are no mentions of high-fiber diets, though). Here are the top clogging cities:

1. New York
2. Miami/Fort Lauderdale
3. Los Angeles
4. Philadelphia
5. Houston
6. Atlanta
7. Chicago
8. Portland, OR
9. Indianapolis
10. San Francisco Bay Area

Seattle/Tacoma is the least cloggy - maybe Seattle has a super powerful sewer system?

More fun facts: The cloggist days of the year are Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, and then Christmas. And today is National Plumber's Day. Who knew?