For a moment, Gothamist thought we were just imagining that the dreary grey weather made it seem like a slow news day, but then the cover of the Post confirmed it: There main story is about how some random, sort of shriveled up princess made insulting remarks to black patrons of Da Silvano, and then the other story is about the American Idol finale tonight (on Fox, natch)! Gothamist doesn't quite understand what Princess Michael of Kent meant when she barked the withering "You need to go back to the colonies!" which tale of two cities fittingly calls it "most hilarious, non-sensical, allegedly racist comment of all time" (totc also calls it the "best Revolutionary War allegory to ever make the cover of a New York tabloid"), but we suppose if the inbreeding is going to rear it's ugly, skin fold-y neck somewhere, it's going to be at Da Silvano.

Also, for some reason, this time around, Gothamist misses Ruben and Clay, and we barely watch American Idol! But we do know what off-key is, and we're talking to you, Diana DeGarmo.