Is Rex Ryan's wife Michelle a foot fetishist's fantasy? Maybe! And if not, she's certainly got a doppelganger that is. Videos emerged online last night that show a woman who looks a whole lot like the Jets coach's wife showing off the feet God gave her. Should it make any difference if the wife of a football coach likes to flash her pinky toes? No. Does it make for a fun morning distraction? Certainly!

Last night Deadspin posted five videos and a bit of history from a former YouTube user named "ihaveprettyfeet" who, well, lived up to her name. The similarities between the subject of the videos and Michelle Ryan don't appear to just run skin deep, either. They note a number of commonalities between "ihaveprettyfeet" on YouTube and on an dating profile including birth signs, locations that match up with the Ryans whereabouts when the videos were posted and, well, compare for yourself:


Also, in one video, the unseen male camerman tells ihave prettyfeet, "You have really beautiful feet." Later the offscreen voice asks if she minds if he touches them. And then asks "Can I smell them?" Finally saying "I bet most men like to do a lot of things with those feet." Now, if you want to decide whether it could be Sexy Rexy, here's actual Rex Ryan audio.

In another video ihaveprettyfeet complains about her socks, and then takes them off. That was about all the foot fetish videos we could take before a second cup of coffee.

When the Daily News reached out to the Jets about the videos they would only say, "This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment."