The Daily News continues its war on fake pot today. After running a front page story scare story that "EVERY PARENT SHOULD READ" (they shouldn't) the paper happily crowed that Councilman Peter Vallone now wants to ban the stuff in the city ("I guess we all assumed that the federal government was going to act on it, but we can’t wait because our kids are dying," he told them). And today they run an interview with a woman who says her son died after smoking the legal product. She also thinks that Senator Rand Paul has "blood on his hands" because he isn't rushing to ban the stuff on a federal level.

After Karen Dobner's son Max died in June (she says he he smoked a pack of iAroma and because of it freaked out and fatally drove his 1999 Chrysler into a suburban home) the Illinois woman moved into her son's room and became focused on making the stuff illegal. "I would be rolled up in a ball crying every day if I wasn’t doing this," she says.

She and others have found some success making fake pot illegal (for instance, it is banned in Chicago) the movement against the legal "incense" has had issues on the national level. Namely, Rand Paul. Three months ago the Senator put a hold on a bill that would have made the stuff illegal, citing concerns about some of the implications of the bill. "We are concerned about people being put in jail for 20 years for marijuana," he told the News. Considering the absurd state of the "war on drugs," the man has a point.

Now Paul, under pressure from the media, is considering releasing the bill if the language can be tweaked. Which is to say, if you've been aching to try some faux Mary Jane, you might want to get on it. Pretty much every bodega in town has one version of it or another.