AP Photo of Mayor Bloomberg and Israel's Consul General Asaf Shariv

If the debate over extending term limits didn't make the point clear enough, Mayor Bloomberg wants us as New Yorkers to look at ourselves in the mirror during this time of crisis and ask ourselves, "Can we as a city survive without him?"

Yesterday, the mayor certainly did not mince words on the state of the city economy while discussing how he feels federal stimulus money should come directly to the city and not be left in the hands of a state government that "keeps ratcheting up expenses." He then emphasized how bad things are by saying, "I can tell you: the reckoning is coming for our city. We are going to have a smaller workforce and fewer services and...that is a situation that is going to be exacerbated as this economy slows down and is not going to be removed."

Then today at a press conference with the Israeli Consulate General Asaf Shariv, the mayor turned a question about Israel's "disproportionate response" to Hamas missile attacks into an angry retort about how he would respond if we were attacked. "If you're attacked in this city, my instructions to Ray Kelly is to use everything we have at our command to protect you and your family. There's no such thing as a measured response to terrorism."

There are only a little over ten months until Election Day. Video clips of the Bloomberg press conferences after the jump...