Andrew Cuomo is apparently livid at watching his chances to become a US senator usurped by the star power of Caroline Kennedy. A source told the NY Times, “It’s driving him crazy. He’s boxed in. He can’t do anything except fume, and he is fuming.”

Those close to him say that the state attorney general tried to take the high road and hope that his superior qualifications would eventually land him the seat without his having to campaign. But the red carpet treatment given to Kennedy, despite some questions of her qualifications, has not proved that out. An associate of Cuomo's told the paper, “Out of respect for the process he did not do that (use the Cuomo name to get the seat.) Then you have someone who has not done the trench work that Andrew has in New York leverage her name to get the appointment.”

It can't help matters that one of the Caroline supporters publicly riding that Kennedy name is her cousin Kerry, Cuomo's ex-wife, or the revelation that Caroline didn't even bother leaving the house to vote when her then cousin-in-law's father Mario was voted out of the governor's office in 1994.