Joe Schumacher took this photograph of a bounce house on the steps outside of Columbia University's Low Library, making Gothamist wonder if our alma mater is maybe a tad too desperate for additional buildings. Or it could be that the school wants its students to regress, some arty students got clever, or the frat house's delivery company messed things up again. But last night was the first official meeting about Columbia's Manhattanville Expansion project, and people were angry: The Columbia Spectator reports that "[t]wo years of anger spilled out over the course of six-and-a-half hours" and that no Columbia officials present at the meeting "expressed support for Columbia’s plans in their current form." The City Planning department even told one attendee that there had never been a scoping session with such vehement opposition!

Other things of note: Columbia partnered with Harlem Legal Services to provide tenant rights advice last year ; a planning site's op-ed about whether Columbia should invokve eminent domain when it develops; Curbed on other West Harlem plans; and more Columbia Spectator articles about the Manhattanville Expansion.