After taking beatdowns that put him in the hospital, special needs student Kimquan Green wants out of Middle School 142 in the Bronx. Though two of the boys who punched and kicked the 14-year-old on June 1st have been suspended, he still doesn't want to return. His mom, Roberta Green, told the Daily News, "He's scared. He doesn't like to fight. The school is just no good. I can't send my children there." But the Department of Education has apparently been dragging its feet.

The DOE requires that parents filing for safety transfer be notified of a new school within 10 days of the school's learning of the violent attack. However, Green only notified the school of the bullying on May 28th, not enough time for them to transfer her son before the June 1st assault. DOE Spokeswoman Marge Feinberg also said they're working on finding a good fit with similar special education classes, and that takes time. The school has provided a dean to escort Kimquan to class, though the day after the assault he was threatened by at least half a dozen of his classmates.

Green adopted Kimquan and his sister after they were placed with her for foster care, and she apparently sought a safety transfer last year. However, a borough enrollment office told her MS 142 should be "good enough" since his kids went there. A survey taken last year shows only 55% of MS 142 students feel safe in the hallways, and Inside Schools says there is "too much classroom disruption." Green said, "That school used to be one of the best. [Now] there are nothing but fights." Just two years ago, the school received a $10,000 donation from Britney Spears.