Its Doe v. DOE! The Stuyvesant High School cheating scandal did more than just tarnish the reputation of one of the crown jewels of the New York City public education system (and maybe get a principal pushed out). At least one student says it has ruined their chances of getting into a good college. So they are suing the Department of Education over it. Now that is the Stuy spirit!

Apparently a "Student Doe," a senior at the school, has filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court that says they were "unfairly suspended as a result of the rampant cheating during Regents’ exams" and that the suspension (and the voiding of their Regents exam) will make it incredibly difficult for them to get into the college of their choice. Not unreasonable, considering how intense the already-intense college process is at the high-pressure school.

"If this problem is not remedied before the end of this month, it will likely doom my client’s chances of gaining early admission to the college of my client’s choice," the student's lawyer told the Post. The biggest issue for Doe appears to be the voided Regents exam, which is impossible for them to retake before college applications are due (the next exam is in January).

Student Doe claims that while they were sent the answers to questions by peer Nayeem Ahsan during a physics exam their phone was off, and when they saw the texts they asked that Ahsan stop sending them. The student claims the DOE denied them a hearing to defend themselves and refused to show any evidence to their family. A spokeswoman for the city Law Department said the DOE "acted appropriately," but would not elaborate.