Last fall, officials investigated allegations that a Bronx high school principal had repeatedly harassed teachers by talking about his penis. Department of Education officials confirmed that Principal John Chase Jr. of Bronxdale High School made at least three remarks about oral sex to female staffers. But he was only disciplined with a letter of reprimand and sensitivity training. And now, fellow teachers and city officials are outraged that he still has his job: “The fact that he’s not being fired is insane,” one teacher told the News. “People are very uncomfortable around this guy. He needs to go.”

According to a Sept. 19 police report, Chase told one school staff member, “We have a fancy copy machine that does all sorts of things. It even has a hole to stick your dick in for a blow job." In addition, Chase talked about a hole in the wall—left behind by phone repairmen—with great enthusiasm, because he said it meant he could shove his member into it whenever he wanted. He also allegedly made other sexually explicit remarks to staff. The DOE investigation found that Chase violated regulations by "making inappropriate sexual comments," but did not say it was "harassment."

State Sen. Jeffrey Klein sent a letter to city Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott this week demanding Chase’s removal: “The mere fact that he was found guilty of sexual harassment undermines his authority as head of the school,” he wrote. Bronx City Councilman James Vacca also called for his removal, but Walcott refuses: “I’m not going to remove him, but he knows he cannot have any similar type of comments. He is on a very strict line as far as his behavior,” said Walcott, who claimed some school staffers want Chase to remain. The staff who don't want him there plan to hold a demonstration outside the school on Tuesday afternoon.