The high-ranking Department of Education official who was arrested in the winter and accused of sexually torturing his wife with hammers, nails and hangers has been found guilty of sexually abusing and assaulting his wife. Official Laurence Harvey, who previously made $165,000-a-year from his DOE gig, was not found guilty of raping his wife.

Harvey, 46, has been accused of raping his wife in their Manhattan home in 2007. He was found guilty of assaulting her several times starting last year, because he believed she had been unfaithful and needed to be "taught a lesson." According to police, the education official tied her up with duct tape and assaulted her by "shoving a hammer and nail in her vagina and taking pictures" while saying "this is how whores are treated." During another attack, he punched her in the mouth and slapped her in the face, all because she asked where he was going out.