A poor deer on Long Island had its head trapped in a light globe for hours until a NY State Environmental Conservation Officer managed to pry the sphere off. Seriously, is it Friday yet?

Newsday's headline is, "DEC: Deer in Centereach caught in head-light, for real"

This is how the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation explained what happened on Facebook:

This morning at 9:45 a.m. Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Jeff Hull received a call reporting that a deer in Centereach NY (Suffolk County), had managed to get its head stuck inside a light globe and had been laying in the woods since the previous night. Upon arrival, ECO Hull spotted the deer about 20 yards from the road in a housing development. ECO Hull approached the deer, but on his first attempt, the wet globe slipped out of his hands and the deer ran into a nearby downed tree, causing it to fall.

On his second attempt, ECO Hull flung his coat over the globe, bear hugging it with both arms as the deer kicked and struggled to break free. The deer managed to slip out of the globe and ran off into the woods. ECO Hull was left with a good story and a few bruises but his integrity intact.

Officer Hull (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)

Please, let this be a lesson to you: Dispose of your light globes probably—we don't want to kill Bambi, or doom her to live her entire life as a social outcast.