Teachers looking to talk to their students on Facebook should think twice. The Department of Education has just released its first guidelines for social media. The short of it? Don't. "In this digital era, the lines between professional and personal endeavors are sometimes blurred," the guidelines intone, before going on to recommend that teachers reject friend requests from their charges.

Right now there aren't consequences for disregarding the guidelines (which the Wall Street Journal has right here), but all in good time. Starting this month the Department is going to start "providing training sessions for teachers and spotlight examples of the best uses of social media in classrooms." According to the DOE the guidelines have been in the works for six months or so—as in, before the recent string of sexual allegations against school employees.

Further evidence the DOE is freaking out about social media? They are worrying about students and teachers putting pretty much anything up online—to the point that permission slips may soon be required for kids to partake in things like class blogs. Good! The less competition out there for us bloggers, the better.