2006_12_macys.jpgA childhood phobia of escalators requires us to update yesterday's story about the 2 year old whose finger was partially severed by an escalator at Macy's Herald Square. The Post reports that 2 year old Michael Grateraux "underwent surgery Sunday night at Bellevue" in an attempt to keep his thumb. Other reports said that Grateraux stuck his thumb while riding an up escalator, but his mother Sandy Lopez tells a different story. From the Post:

Michael, his mom and five siblings [all visiting from Mississippi] were descending on a crowded escalator to the fourth floor when someone fell, knocking the little boy down and causing him to snare his thumb in the moving staircase, Lopez said.

She said doctors have told her that if his thumb isn't improved by Thursday, they will have to amputate. "His thumb is destroyed," she said. "Every time he wakes up, he cries in pain."

Poor, poor little Michael. We imagine Macy's on Christmas Eve to be a scary, crowded place. You might say, "Why not take the elevator with so many kids?" but we were at Macy's two weeks before Christmas and the elevators are ridiculous - we waited for 10 minutes to find an elevator that wasn't packed like sardines but no luck.

Last year, a little girl's finger was sliced off during an accident on the Macy's escalator - she was running up the stairs, tripped, and her finger was "caught under a metal plate." And in 2005, a group of schoolchildren and adults were caught in an escalator pile-up on the fairly steep escalator to the IMAX theaters at the Lincoln Square movie theater - a child's baggy pants caught a protruding screw AND someone pushed an emergency button.