You're a doctor who just jumped the curb in your SUV, ramming into several businesses and hitting two pedestrians. Do you, A) offer immediate medical assistance to the bloody people you've just run over? B) Call 911 so EMS can get to the scene as ASAP? Or C) Get your lawyer on the phone STAT? If your name is Pushpa Raj Bhansali and you totaled your SUV in Flatlands yesterday morning, the answer is definitely C, according to "disgusted witnesses" cited in the Post. But a friend of Bhansali insists he did nothing wrong, and the law is on his side. Remember the Hippocratic Oath? So 4th Century BC.

Bhansali, an orthopedic surgeon, reportedly lost control of his SUV and drove up on the sidewalk, hitting two women standing at a bus stop. The Post reports that they suffered cuts and bruises to the face and head, and one sustained a leg injury. Both were taken to Kings County Hospital. As they were bleeding on the sidewalk, a witness says Bhansali passed the time talking on his cell phone, presumably to his lawyer. "I heard him say into the phone, 'I know not to say anything to anybody," Gerard Hughes, who took off his shirt to wrap it around one victim's bleeding head, tells the tabloid.

But one of the doctor's friends insists, "He's the kind of person who would not [ignore an injured person]. He's a doctor and was extremely concerned with the victims, but he was feeling dizzy himself." Bhansali was not arrested and did not receive any summonses, and because he didn't attend to the wounded, he doesn't have to worry about any potential malpractice lawsuits, either!