Nearly two years after the first remains were discovered, the Gilgo Beach/Long Island serial killer is still at large. But today the story is back in the news, because relatives of the sex worker whose disappearance led police to the killer's graveyard in the first place are... suing a doctor for her wrongful-death. Their lawsuit alleges that Dr. Peter Hackett drugged Shannan Gilbert the night she went missing, but then found it was "too late to help her" and let her loose.

According to the lawyer of Mari Gilbert, the mother of New Jersey sex worker Shannan Gilbert, Hackett's alleged negligence after a distraught Gilbert knocked on his door directly led to her death. According to neighbors, Hackett previously has said he took Gilbert into his home—she was fleeing a nearby john—in an attempt to calm her down. Inside he apparently treated her with drugs and then released her to her driver. Except she kept running. "Our complaint alleges that he administered the drug, that he had her under his care, that he negligently and deliberately released her from his care, and we also say that he is the cause of her death,” lawyer John Ray told the Journal.

After leaving Hackett's care, Gilbert was not seen alive again, and her disappearance led to the discovery of 10 bodies nearby. Finally, last December Gilbert's body was discovered in nearby wetlands. Hackett has since moved to Florida.

Now Gilbert's mother is suing the doctor (whom cops have cleared as a suspect) for an undisclosed sum. "Dr. Hackett has told many bizarre stories about his role in this case," Ray told the Post. "There’s no direct evidence as to who killed this lady. The circumstantial evidence right now is very strong to support what we’re doing with this lawsuit. I don’t care what the police believe."

Mari Gilbert, meanwhile, says her main reason for the suit is to get sworn testimony regarding her daughter's final hours. "I want this to lead to the truth," she said. "I want to know what happened to my daughter."