We're just going to go ahead and call him Doc Oxy. 83-year-old Felix Lanting was busted yesterday for writing 3,029 oxycodone prescriptions from his home in Staten Island, making him at least partially responsible for the borough having the highest prescription rate in the city. One source told the Post, "He was kind of a free-wheeling prescription shop. If you wanted a prescription, you saw him."

Lanting wrote about 500 prescriptions to patients under the age of 30, and authorities say almost 150 individuals obtained at least seven separate prescriptions for narcotics from Lanting between April and October of this year. The Daily News reports he even got himself some "goons and bouncers" to protect him after angry neighbors trashed his house. "Everyone knew he was dealing...You'd see 50-100 customers a day come through," said one neighbor. "He plays the poor little old man but he's like the devil."

FBI agents raided Lanting's home yesterday, but he did not enter a plea today at his arraignment in Brooklyn federal court on a felony count of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. He was released on $100,000 bond and could fave up to 20 years in prison if convicted. "I can’t believe this day finally came. It’s been a nightmare for two years," said one of his neighbors. "We wouldn’t let our kids go out to play." While leaving the courthouse, Lanting simply stated, "I didn't sell Oxycontin." And whether he's convicted or not, that is technically true!