A 36-year-old Manhattan woman is suing her ex-boyfriend for allegedly slipping Plan B into her drink, according to multiple reports. Hyosun Kim alleges that Doctor John Ikechi Nwankwo, a New York-based neuroradiologist, was attempting to covertly prevent her from getting pregnant. She broke up with him after the alleged incident.

Kim filed a $5 million lawsuit against Nwankwo in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday, according to the NY Post. The couple was dating last spring, and had frequent unprotected sex. In May, Kim discovered "a discarded box from oral contraceptives in Defendant's garbage can," according to the suit.

Kim then confronted Nwankwo, who allegedly admitted that he had "deceptively diluted and mixed the Plan B contraceptive pill in [her] beverage because he 'did not want to make her pregnant.'" The suit also states that Nwankwo "confessed that he was aware she would never have voluntarily agreed to take the Plan B pill."

The over-the-counter drug is taken following unprotected sex in order to prevent accidental pregnancy.

Nwankwo works on-call for Virtual Radiologic Professionals, LLC, according to a person who answered the phone for the company. Legal counsel for VRP did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and Nwankwo himself could not immediately be reached.

The Daily News reached Nwankwo, who reportedly declined to comment saying, "This is new to me."

That Nwankwo is a licensed-doctor in New York makes his actions "all the more egregious," since doctors know "an individual cannot be forced to ingest medication without his or her consent," according to the suit.