A doctor based in Greenwich, Connecticut lost his New York medical license after admitting to using the wrong sperm to impregnate a woman who subsequently gave birth to twins. But Ben Ramaley is still permitted to practice gynecology and obstetrics in Connecticut, though perhaps not for much longer. After agreeing to pay a $10,000 fine to the couple and refrain from performing artificial inseminations, the case was sealed. But now Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal caught wind of it, and he's considering prosecuting Dr. Ramaley.

According to court records, "After their birth, [the parents] were surprised at the very fair complexion of the twins, because [the husband] is African-American and [the wife] is Caucasian. In March 2004, DNA testing performed at the suggestion of the twins' pediatrician showed that [the wife] was the mother but that [the husband] was not the biological father." Dr. Ramaley claims it was an accident.

It's not clear what led to the couple alleging that the doctor had used his own sperm, and the Health Department was not able to test the DNA because the parents stopped cooperating with the investigation. And Dr. Ramaley was never asked to give a DNA sample of his own—at least not yet. "This thing was kept quiet. Whitewashed," one Stamford lawyer tells the Post.