Photograph from East 51st Street by gattogrosso212 at flickr

The East 51st Street condominium site where a crane collapsed into buildings--completely leveling a townhouse and killing seven--had its construction permit revoked. A month after the March 15 collapse, it was revealed plans for the 43-story building should never have been approved by the Department of Buildings (it's possible revised plans could still have been approved), so the developer James Kennelly was asked to resubmit plans.

However, the recent changes failed to "resolve zoning violations". Apparently the revised plans only addressed "seven of more than 30 objections"; remaining issues include building layout and balcony positioning, according to the Daily News. Kennelly can now either appeal the decision or apply for a new permit.

And on Thursday, a court order was filed to keep the collapsed crane at the fatal East 91st Street crane collapse site as evidence. Donald Leo Sr., father of crane operator Donald Leo Jr. who died in the collapse, revealed, "I have some knowledge of the Kodiak tower crane that killed my son, because while he and my [other] son Shawn were away with friends for Donald's bachelor party, I covered [for him] at the site." He accused the crane's owner James Lomma of buying the crane for cheap because it had been discontinued. Lomma denied the charges, telling the Post, "Nothing is true, you guys write what you want."