Yesterday, the Department of Buildings' Deputy Commissioner for Enforcement had to do some physical enforcing yesterday, when he spotted a man beating his wife on the Grand Central Parkway. According to the Daily News, "Deputy Commissioner Eugene Corcoran was driving by as Ameer Khairullah, 54, attacked his wife, Bebe, and commandeered her SUV on the Grand Central Parkway in Jamaica Hills about 7:30 a.m. officials said." A police source said that Khairullah "punched the wife, dragged her out of the vehicle. And the car rolls over her leg and breaks it."

Corcoran got out of his Ford Escape, and Khairullah, in his Toyota 4Runner, bumped Corcoran's car, which somehow pushed Corcoran over a guard rail. But Corcoran, a former U.S. Marshal, managed to get up and subdue Khairullah, which help from Firefighter Edward Tucker, who stopped his car and offered his handcuffs.

Khairullah's wife, who told police "they always had fights like that," is in stable condition. Khairullah was charged with two counts of assault.