Buckle up, pups.

According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission, if you aren't buckling up when you're a passenger, you aren't alone—around 65% of passengers don't bother with seat belts when they catch a cab (alternatively, 90% use seat belts in private cars). Maybe this is because we treat cabs like any other public transportation in this city—subways, buses, they don't even have seat belts. To combat this, the TLC announced yesterday that it will be running ads on taxi monitors to get riders to change their habit. Previously there have been announcements, but this one will be in your face—that is, if you don't automatically turn Taxi TV off when you get in (which... you do). You can watch their new video right here (the Cyclone even has a cameo!).

In a press release, the TLC said:

In the latest year for which statistics are available, 2009, taxicabs were involved in 4,093 accidents, resulting in just over 1,500 (largely) minor to moderate injuries. Of those accidents where seatbelt use was recorded, only 41% were belted, and 59% were not. A recent in-cab survey of taxi passengers on PIM touchscreens yielded similar results. Of the 7,245 riders who responded to the question, only 35% (or 2,536) answered yes, while 65% (or 4,709) answered no.

What are your seat belt habits—only in bad weather, or when your driver is bumping some Sublime?