Ah, the prisons of Madison County! So lovely, so minimum security, so potentially yours if you've got enough to make the $390,000 minimum bid! That's right, New York State is looking to sell off one of its big houses, and this slammer sounds kind of slamming? Y'know, for a prison.

The NY Office of General Services is looking to auction off the former Camp Georgetown Correctional Facility on September 11 [PDF], you just have to be willing to buy the property (located within 98,000 acres of state forest land!) as is. According to the state the property, which opened in 1961 and closed last year, is spacious:

The former 262 bed Minimum Security Facility is located on 31 acres of land. There are approximately 38 buildings on the site, which also has an onsite water distribution system, 150,000-gallon elevated water tank, underground sanitary sewer piping, permitted wastewater treatment plant and 10 petroleum bulk storage tanks.

38 buildings for $390,000 is a steal! And there is actually perfectly good reason to believe that it might sell that low. The state has been trying to sell Camp Gabriels in the Adirondacks since 2010 to no avail.

Still, this place has everything you could want for a private compound from gymnasiums to salt storage, dormitories to vocational shops, chapels to biohazard storage. Not to mention five pheasant pen sheds and lots of security! You can learn more about about this gorgeous real estate opportunity below—or just visit it yourself. The last open houses are tomorrow and next Tuesay—act fast!