While clicking around some of the blogs we check daily, we noticed a link to an article in the Guardian on the Modern Age. The article is about blogs, bloggers, music bloggers and if anyone really knows what they're talking about. A new word is made up to describe their own made up language, Blog-lish.

But even the biggest fan of wordplay can come unstuck when written English turns into - here's an excuse to make up another new word - Blog-lish. I speak as someone whose lifelong compulsions to listen to music and read other people's diaries have matured into an addiction to music weblogs. And I've found myself scratching my head at some of the words and phrases used by bloggers to describe things that once would simply have been described as either 'good' or 'bad'. It's brilliant fun and completely baffling at the same time.

So what do you think of Blog-lish? We wonder if it exists because there are about 8 million music blogs out there all trying to seperate themselves from each other. Most of the bloggers are creating new terms to differentiate themselves (either that or they just have a Lester Bangs complex). However, Sasha Frere-Jones says, "...if I sometimes write in an unfiltered way, it isn't likely aimed at other critics, but is simply a reflection of how I think when no one is watching." Guess he doesn't check his stats.