Hundreds of people have been flocking to a tree in West New York, NJ because some think they see the Virgin Mary in the bark. Resident Eva Copantitla told the Jersey Journal that she spotted it on Tuesday afternoon: "She then informed Mayor Felix Roque, who allowed flowers to be placed at the base of the tree. 'Most of the people believe it’s a miracle,' Copantitla said, adding that she believes it will bring the people of West New York together."

The police have set up barricades because crowds have grown in hopes of seeing what believers say resembles Our Lady Of Guadeloupe. A woman first spied the small carving, measuring about 6 inches in length, on Tuesday. Now hundreds of people are coming by just to take a glimpse of the carving. Long Island resident Angus Kennedy, who headed to West New York for a look, said, "It's really cool. As you keep looking at it, you start to feel something."

On the other hand, MyFoxNY reports, "others say the carving looks painted on or is the result of a tree branch falling off." Even the Newark Archdiocese thinks it might just be a discoloration, though a spokesman said, "If it helps people to be stronger in their faith, then it is a good thing. I think it’s more natural to try to encounter God in church, not by expressing your faith to a tree." Way to be a buzzkill, Catholic guy.

Here's video of the gathering: