accuwx_022805.jpgAfter several days of uncertainty, forecasters have now settled on snow mixed with sleet for today. Lots of snow. Quickly. This is going to be a "wham bam thank you ma'am" storm. Did Gothamist mention it is going to be windy? Yep, expect gusts of 40 mph or more.

The snow has reached Atlantic City and should be upon us this afternoon. For once the Weather Service is calling for more snow (6-10 inches) than AccuWeather (2-6 inches).

One note of caution, as the Weather Service pointed out early this morning, "bust potential is there... and day crew will have to refine..." This is a complicated storm and the forecaster is acknowledging two things: the storm is going to zoom up the coast, and the storm is very narrow. If the center of low pressure comes closer inland we'll wind up with rain, if it wanders further off the coast than expected we'll get even more snow. Just think, Spring is but three weeks away!

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