2005_02_bronxwhitestone.jpgGothamist loves the NY Times article about the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge being too fat, because for a moment, we thought, "Hey, that's not nice, calling a bridge fat!" But then it was actually an interesting (and a little scary) look at how the suspension bridge is being re-engineered, with new technology and materials, to make sure it can support the traffic in the future. For instance, Robert Moses had engineers add concrete to the bridge; to stop the swaying (even though it was still safe), and in order for drivers to perceive it was stable, cables were added, which some people have felt ruined the skyline.

The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge website from the MTA, and How Stuff Works on how bridges work. And in other NYC road news, the Automobile Club of New York named the four worst NYC roads: Major Deegan Expressway to the George Washington Bridge; Gowanus Expressway from the Belt Parkway to the Prospect Expressway; the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from Hamilton Ave. to Tillary St.; and the Goethals Bridge, connecting Staten Island and New Jersey. Again, four reasons why we don't drive or leave the city.

Photograph from Dave Frieder, bridge enthusiast