MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow may be heading up to Albany to go a-begging for more money to fund the MTA's projects, including the Second Avenue Subway. What it boils down to is that the state only gave the MTA one third of the $7.9 billion the MTA requested for the Second Avenue Subway, LIRR rail link to Grand Central, and the rail link from lower Manhattan to JFK. Apparently, Governor Pataki thought that there "was enough money" for the Second Avenue Subway and Grand Central project; plus, $1 billion has already been spent on them. Further, the Federal Transit Authority has already given the MTA $4 billion towards projects - where has that gone? Hmm!

The NY Times says that MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow thinks the Second Avenue Subway will happen, but it's "just being stretched out." Newsday puts a nail in the coffin, saying, "It seems likely that the Second Avenue subway will remain the most famous city line never to be built." Gothamist has to agree with Newsday: Stretched out is code for "Not in my lifetime - or yours."

The MTA's Second Avenue Subway plan and Gothamist thinks the New York magazine Second Avenue Subway issue might be a collector's - or a good gag gift. And our readers' wonderings about what color the T line would be - are they for naught?