After two straight losses to the Pirates, anything's possible. An SNY associate producer was sent home and put in isolation with what could be a case of swine flu. Carlos Beltran missed his third straight game and stayed at the hotel with what was called a stomach virus but is now being considered something more serious. Associate producer Dan Barr drove back from Pittsburgh after doctors told him not to fly on a commercial flight. "We've been told it's not a type of illness that's transmitted through the air," assistant general manager John Ricco said. "It's something that's more droplets, shaking hands or sneezing. So we're not too worried." He's right, the Mets never shake hands or produce "droplets" of spittle. Rizzo went on to say that the symptoms are not consistent with what Beltran and starting pitcher John Maine have shown. Maine, looking on the bright side said, "I'm going to go out with a winning record."