A former deckhand for the Staten Island Ferry is suing the city, claiming she was terminated after complaining about sexual harassment. According to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Daily News, Jennette Suarez alleges that she was fired last year after reporting a ferry security guard for allegedly leering at her "intimate body parts" and making "slurping, smacking" sounds. As she tells it, the ferry is nothing more than a lecherous floating frat house where boys will be pervs.

The lawsuit alleges that male deckhands routinely catcall women and even use high-tech surveillance cameras to obtain closeups "down a women's blouse or up a woman's skirt.... It was not uncommon for employees to use the two-way radios to invite deckhands to view women caught on the cameras in such pose." Suarez, 34, was the only female deckhand at the time of the alleged harassment, and her fiance, who was also a deckhand, got fired in October. He tells the News he was terminated for complaining about the harassment.

One Staten Island resident gives the News an earful about male deckhands cat calling women, but DOT spokesman Seth Solomonow insists the ferries "have the most professional crews in the industry." After all, it's been well over a year since anybody crashed one of the ferries!