Somewhere in America, a teenager hitting the stardust of a bong is about to feel mighty justified: according to a new report by LiveScience, perfectionists are more likely to die earlier that those who slack. What else do slackers know that they haven't been sharing with us?

According to the study, the personality trait of perfectionism is linked to poor physical health and an increased risk of death, largely due to anxiety and stress. Researchers found that those with "high perfectionism" ran a 51% increased risk of earlier death as compared to volunteers who had low perfectionism scores. “Perfectionism is a virtue to be extolled definitely. But beyond a certain threshold, it backfires and becomes an impediment,” said Trinity Western University psychology professor Prem Fry.

So three cheers to some "famous slackers" who it seems had it right all along, such as Hugh Hefner, Walt Whitman, Jack Kerouac, Beck, and Henry David Thoreau. And most of all, Matthew McConaughey, the ultimate slacker, who has based his life and career around one of the lines from slacker-classic Dazed and Confused: "just keep livin."