Someone hacked into the MTA's computer system yesterday and changed the LED message at the West Fourth Station to read "PRETTY GIRLS DON'T RIDE THE SUBWAY." Apparently, the new message appeared for several hours until 8PM last night, and the MTA is investigating whether or not it was an "inside job" or someone who has never had a reason to post a subway missed connection on craigslist. Of course, the female straphangers are annoyed. One told the Daily News, "It's a vicious lie." But one found some humor in it: "Pretty women take the subway so we can go spend money on more important things - like alcohol." You go, girl! And, clearly, Gothamist believes the subway is filled with lovely ladies, as well as handsome fellas, adorable babies, that person who didn't wear deodorant, the woman with too much perform, a leering skeeve, the arguing couple, the out-of-towners who think if you're on an orange line you'll go the same place, kids trying to sell you M&Ms, and countless others.

This is yet another investigative coup for the Daily News, who apparently researched the story yesterday (their picture is at right). Last week, it broke the MTA's acceptance of an ad promoting oral sex. Gothamist on the F train's rep as the "love train" and subway love in general. And in MTA budget news, even though they are slashing or raising fares everywhere else, the MTA is not taking deep cuts at headquarters.