Are you a rapidly-balding, wealthy male looking for a somewhat-legal aged young lady to dote on in exchange for "mutually beneficial" sexual favors? Then why are you reading this?! You should already be on Seeking Arrangement, the site that proudly strips down relationships into the monetary transactions they truly are at their core. Ah, how sweet it is that people keep finding new and wonderful ways to dress up the world's oldest profession in better-sounding clothing.

With more than 500 registered users, NYU has more “sugar babies” than any other college—and the NYU Local sat down with King Pimp CEO of Seeking Arrangement, Brandon Wade, to discuss why NYU girls like sugar daddies so darn much. He disputes articles which have accused the site of being a form of prostitution, arguing that everyone is equally exploiting everyone, thereby making everyone participating equally horrible, we guess:

For those that accuse me of exploiting girls, what about the reverse? What about the young girls taking advantage of the wealthy older men? The relationships are mutually beneficial. I also want to point out that people have said that these students are desperate, but when you look at the site, 80 percent are working towards a college degree so this is actually not true at all.

For Wade, at the end of the day, relationships are more about money than they are about love, affection, family, religion, mutual appreciation, sexual desire, loneliness, arrangements, trying to prove you're not gay, trying to win your mother/father's affection, or any other factor:

The men who get the most money will be the most successful in relationships. The world gets very uncomfortable when we put money up front, along with a person’s looks and other superficial qualities, but the truth is, wealth is attractive. Money is also extremely practical. A woman wants a man who can take care of her needs. If you have money and you’re showing it off, you’re like a peacock spreading it’s wings, so to speak.

So if wealthy, dirty old people are like peacocks, then poor scrawny bloggers are like...pigeons?