2007_04_pikatraffic.jpgThe NY Sun is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg will unveil details of his plan to make New York City sustainable through the year 2030 this Sunday. The announcement, which will coincide with Earth Day, will elaborate more on the plaNYC outline he gave in December. The Sun says that the plan includes more than 100 initiatives, but the most controversial one could be congestion pricing, which Bloomberg's plan is expected to include.

While sources tell The Sun that the mayor's plan is not finalized yet, there are rumors of a $8 peak-time price for driving south of 86th St. in Manhattan. If approved, the money from congestion pricing could be as high as $500 million a year. The plan is also supposed to be similar, yet "more moderate" than London's congestion pricing.

Other items that may make Bloomberg's plan: initiatives for the city's energy and infrastructure, green development, and building emissions. plaNYC addresses three issues that New York City will face by 2030 - an increase of 1 million people, the deterioration of infrastructure, and making the city more environmentally friendly.

A November survey found that New Yorkers could be receptive towards congestion pricing, and maybe foes to congestion pricing have it wrong.

Photo of crazy NYC traffic by anniebee on flickr