A New Jersey mother has discovered that her twin girls had been fathered by two different men, leading to a "precedent-setting" court ruling determining that the fathers are only responsible for supporting their own child.

It is rare, but possible, for two eggs to be fertilized by sperm from two different people, a phenomenon you'd know if you watched the very educational and realistic first season of American Horror Story. In this case, paternity test results taken in November revealed that a Passaic County woman attempting to get child support from the man she believed fathered both her twins had actually been impregnated by a second man she'd had sex with during the week in which she'd conceived the first twin.

The twins were born in January 2013, and the father identified in the Passaic County State Superior Court case—with whom the mother had a romantic relationship—will have to pay $28 per week to support one of them. According to DNA expert Karl-Hanz Wurzinger, one out of every 13,000 reported paternity cases involving twins results in different fathers. And yes, this has happened on Maury.