2008_12_mineo08.jpgIt turns out that DNA evidence helped a grand jury decide to indict three officers accused of beating and sodomizing a Brooklyn man. The Post reports that "tests confirmed" that DNA from accuser Michael Mineo (pictured) "was found on a piece of [Officer Richard] Kern's equipment used in the alleged assault." The indictment will be unsealed tomorrow; it's said that Kern will face charges of aggravated sexual assault, while two other officers will be indicted on lesser charges. Legal experts tell the NY Times the case against the cops "will hinge on two key elements: the extent and nature of the man’s injuries and the intent of the officers who might have caused them." But, referring to how the NYPD handled the accusation (by way of denial), the Reverend Al Sharpton said, "The internal affairs department of the New York City Police Department repeatedly said that ... [Mineo's] charges were groundless. Clearly police cannot police themselves."