After pursuing leads about the escaped convicts into Alleghany County, the manhunt for murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat has shifted focus back near the facility from which they escaped. CBS News reports, "Sources tell CBS News DNA from the escapees was found in a cabin that had been broken into near Wolf Pond, in the Saranac Lake region."

Matt, 48, and Sweat, 34, escaped from the maximum security Clinton Correctional prison on June 6th; officials only realized it when a 5:30 a.m. bed check found dummies made out of sweatshirts in the men's cells. The pair used tools—apparently allegedly given to them by prison employee Joyce Mitchell, who worked in the prison's tailor shop—to cut through pipes and finally emerge through a manhole outside the facility in Dannemora, NY. Mitchell, who is in custody, was allegedly involved with the inmates (she was reportedly "in love" with Matt and may have had a sexual relationship with Sweat) and was going to drive the getaway car until she had a change of heart.

Over the weekend, NY State Troopers flooded Alleghany County after receiving numerous tips about the fugitives. Brandy Thompson told CBS News that she "called 911 after she believes she spotted the two wanted men in her backyard," explaining, "My dog started barking viciously towards the track, I turned around and looked and I see a man in a blue hooded shirt, he was just turning around and he looked sort of like he wanted not to be seen. I did catch a glimpse of his face. He had reddish-brown beard on his mustache area like it was previously a goatee."

Senator Schumer said, "If the prisoners were actually in Alleghany County and Friendship, it obviously means they didn’t walk. It probably means they didn’t take a vehicle because they would have stayed in the vehicle. So one possibility — not a certainty, but a possiblity — is they’re riding the rails. And there’s a long train line that connects across southern New York that they might have ridden."

The search in Alleghany County has ended and has moved to Franklin County, where "witnesses tell WPTZ that helicopters have been in the air and checkpoints are in place on area roads. Vermont State Police have joined the search effort. VSP confirms the Vermont Tactical Support Team was mobilized Sunday afternoon after a request was made from New York State Police."

Matt, who was convicted of killing and dismembering his boss, and Sweat, who fatally shot a NY sheriff's deputy, were reportedly "honor block" inmates where they were allowed to have special privileges, like wearing civilian clothes. A report from the NY Times revealed that there were lapses from Clinton prison officials, like "Corrections officers rarely shine lights over the faces of inmates during hourly bed checks"; "Catwalks and underground tunnels were no longer being inspected"; and "No one was inside two of the 35-foot-high guard towers that overlooked the manhole when the two men emerged from catwalks."