2005_10_dmx.jpgDMX made his way back to a court in Queens where prosecutors contended he "violated the conditions" of earlier sentence, but this time, he didn't taunt the security officers with his bling. The judge adjourned his case until October 25, and the media and onlookers seemed to love his posing on the courthouse steps. In June 2004, DMX was arrested for trying to carjack someone at JFK Airport, and then to pass himself off as a federal agent to a parking lot attendant and crashed his SUV into the gate. While he admitted he was high on Valium, DMX avoided jail time only if his record was clean for a year. Cut to two more car incidents, including one where he crashed his car into a police cruiser (DMX says that one of the times he was trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver their daughter, Praise). DMX said, "Of course I'm innocent. It's all ludicrous." Or is that Ludacris? Anyway, the Post says DMX was respectful in court, but how respectful are you when you wear a Phat Farm sweatsuit, even if it is your nicest one?

Photograph from Newsday