There are places in which selfies are appropriate—in the privacy of your own home, for instance, and in adult ball pits, and at your desk when your boss isn't looking so you can check the status of your hair. But a very bad place to take a selfie is while you are operating a two ton death machine, an activity at which New Yorkers apparently excel. According to a new study, residents of the Empire State are super into #drivingselfies, and the Department of Motor Vehicles is on a mission to stop dangerous idiots from snapping photos of themselves from behind the wheel.

A new study commissioned by the Auto Insurance Center researched geotagged Instagram posts to find that, statistically, 1.29 out of 100,000 drivers in New York posted behind-the-wheel selfies to social media using the hashtag #DrivingSelfie. Thanks to them, New York ranks eighth in #DrivingSelfie #stupidity. The data was gathered over the last five years, with other selfie-obsessed states including California, Nevada, Hawaii, and, obviously, Florida. For those who cannot picture a #drivingselfie (alternate hasthag, #IHopeIDontCrash), behold:

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The DMV isn't particularly happy that people are taking photos of themselves on New York roads, and in a statement released yesterday the department urged drivers to save the selfies for another time. NY State Law actually prohibits the use of portable electronic devices while driving—this includes texting, talking on a handheld phone, playing games, and taking photos.

“Smartphones can provide nearly limitless entertainment, but activities like taking selfies while driving are just irresponsible,” Terri Egan, DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner, said in a statement. “Whether it’s answering a short text, making a quick phone call, taking a photo, or catching Pokémon, it’s never a good idea to be distracted while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and put the phone down - it can wait!"

Anyway, don't selfie and drive, lest you kill someone or get shamed on the Internet.