Remember DJ Star? In May, he had threatened his morning radio DJ rival DJ Envy's wife and 4 year old daughter with racial slurs and sexual molestation - even offering a reward for where the child went to school. Well, after being fired from Power 105, getting arrested for the threats, and claiming that the hurtful words of other DJs led him to make those comments, a judge dismissed charges against him if he performs community service (three days only!) and doesn't communicate with DJ Envy's family for six months. Though a lawyer for DJ Envy's wife Gia Casey, who DJ Star called a "slanty eyed whore," says the matter was resolved for them (apparently they didn't want the child to be featured in the case anymore), City Councilman John Liu told the NY Times he wished DJ Star was punished more severely because the issue was "whether someone listening on the public airwaves would have somehow gotten it into their head that they were going to get a cash reward” for information about a 4 year old. DJ Star continued to emphasize he was a victim, from disses by other DJs, adding "But I didn't go running off to the police to sign a complaint." Well, there's a difference between trashtalking between adults and telling your listeners you'll give them money to locate a child so you can abuse her.

DJ Star, who has been comparing himself to Lenny Bruce since the incident unfolded, says he'll be dedicating his time to teaching people about the First Amendment. Oh, and he has a TV deal in the works.