Troi Torain, aka DJ Star, aka the DJ who threatened rival DJ Envy by saying he'd pull an R. Kelly on DJ Envy's four year old daughter, while using racist slurs to refer to DJ Envy's wife, is hoping his criminal case will be thrown out. DJ Star was arrested for his remarks (child endangerment), but his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, says that other DJs started it. Namely, Miss Jones, from Miss Jones in the Morning on Hot 97. Torain claims Miss Jones called him an "alcoholic" and said he "liked boys," called his mom a "prostitute" and his dad a "tar-black" "Sambo," and said her young son's penis was probably the size of Torain's (via Daily News and Post). Okay, those aren't very nice, but why all the vitriol towards DJ Envy when it's all about Miss Jones? At any rate, Brafman would like the whole Miss Jones in the Morning crew to be arrested.

And city sanitation and traffic workers are rallying outside of Hot 97 today, to protest Miss Jones calling them stupid after she got a sanitation ticket on her car, according to the Post.