Yesterday afternoon a British-born DJ residing in Brooklyn was struck and killed in Greenpoint while riding her bike to her day job at a florist. She was two blocks from her apartment, riding westbound on Nassau Ave. when a flatbed truck headed in the same direction sideswiped her near McGuinness Blvd.

Another driver on the road told the Daily News he honked when he saw the truck hit 33-year-old Solange Raulston (aka DJ Reverend Soul), to alert the truck driver — who remained on the scene (and hasn't been given any summonses). The witness also described the immediate aftermath: "Her eyes were open but she wasn't responding. There were a lot of people helping her."

Raulston later died at Bellevue Hospital. In the evening friends gathered at Williamsburg's Bembe, where she often deejayed and was scheduled to do so last night; one told the NY Post, "She's the life of the party, a real bright star. She's known as a dancer and a socialite in London and Israel." Another described her as "outrageously kind, very genuine and very creative."