According to the Post, friends of Adam Goldstein say the celebrity DJ's relapse was recent and that he had promised he'd check into rehab. His erratic "behavior that so worried his West Coast manager and recovery sponsor that they jumped on a red-eye Wednesday night to confront him at his SoHo apartment Thursday morning... When they arrived, an agitated Goldstein stubbornly refused to see his manager -- but allowed the sponsor inside. That's when Goldstein lit up a crack pipe and popped pills in front of his horrified pal, investigators told The Post." He reportedly said he'd head to rehab after a Friday night gig in Las Vegas, but his body was discovered by the authorities—responding to his friends' call— on Friday afternoon. Other law enforcement sources told TMZ that the 36-year-old did not commit suicide but apparently "developed a dependency to Xanax and other benzodiazepines (a group of drugs used to treat anxiety) as a direct result of the plane crash a year ago. We're told AM (aka Adam Goldstein) developed a tremendous anxiety over flying -- something he had to do frequently for his job." Goldstein had survived a plane crash that killed four others and suffered severe burns. The ME's office autopsy was inconclusive and it is still working on the toxicology report.