A Queens man who works in a pizza shop has been arrested for stalking and harassing Mayor Bloomberg's 28-year-old daughter Georgina. Police raided Salvatore Di Bartolo's home the morning of June 7 after he sent text messages to a police sergeant asking to get in touch with the Mayor and his daughter so he could "talk about their wedding plans," the Daily News reports. Di Bartolo, 48, disobeyed the police sergeant's warnings to "not have any contact with complainant Bloomberg in any way, including through any third party." Di Bartolo told police that he didn't care about the warnings because he and Georgina "were going to be married."

What precipitated the initial admonitions was a message Di Bartolo left on the Mayor's official Facebook page: "Happy passover mike. How is Georgina doing?" According to Di Bartolo's neighbor, he "lost it" when his girlfriend died in 2007, and became consumed in a fanciful political run against Mayor Bloomberg: "I thought it was weird—he didn't have that kind of clout. He worked in a pizza shop. He's not going to be mayor." When not working at the pizza shop, Di Bartolo, a divorced father of two, sold candles and Jesus statues from the stoop of his building.

Georgina Bloomberg, a skilled equestrian, told officials she had never met Di Bartolo in her life. He's currently on Rikers Island after being unable to post the $25,000 bail for harassment charges, and he's also being accused of forging a federal judge's signature in a court order that gave him $10 million. In his own words on a handwritten court filing, Di Bartolo says he's being jailed "on redicolouse charges of harassment of Georgina Bloomberg, caught of the NY City Mayor."