A very excitable boy was dognapped from outside a Bushwick McDonald's last week, swiped while his custodian stepped inside to order food. Havok, a 3-year-old pit bull, is mostly black with a white chest — a tuxedo pit bull, if you will — and to judge by the photos, uncommonly silky. He stands at about knee-height, weighs between 85 and 90 pounds, and according to his owner, Nicole Polsinelli, will run to you if you call his name (or his nickname, Bubba) with audible excitement.

"He’s like my shadow, I’m really bonded," Polsinelli told the NY Daily News. "I don’t need an explanation and I won’t ask questions" if whoever took him just brings him back, she added. "I just want my baby home nothing else matters.”

Havok was abducted on November 7th around 10 p.m., when Polsinelli's boyfriend briefly left him and his sister, Rogue, tied outside the McDonald's at Broadway and Gates Avenue. While his back was turned, someone came by and nabbed the pup: Footage from the security cameras at the Walgreens across the street show a man running up the sidewalk with a black dog in town. (Rogue was left behind.) Police confirmed to Gothamist that the suspect is a man of indeterminate age and that they are investigating the incident, although no arrests have been made so far.

Polsinelli, meanwhile, has created a Facebook page to "help find Havok," and is offering $1,000 to whoever returns him. Havok is an emotional support dog, you see, and both she and Rogue are suffering in his absence. "He’s really helped me a lot" with depression, she told NBC New York. "It’s really hard to sleep without him. It’s hard to do anything without him.”

"I just want him back. I don’t care if they took him, they could just say they found him,” she added. “I’ll give them the reward. I just hope they’re not hurting him."