Two men remain hospitalized after being injured by a shopping cart that was apparently thrown at them from the third floor of a Bronx parking garage. Lounceny Camara, 52, and his friend, Sagne Ibrahima, 30, who had been standing at the Bronx Gateway Center shopping center during the Monday incident, are both in stable condition. The police are continuing to investigate the attack and some think that a fight over a livery cab fare sparked the attack.

Camara was more seriously injured and "suffered lacerations and a puncture wound to his forehead" and hasn't been able to speak much while Ibrahima said, "I was coming with a friend to buy something over there. I don't do nothing bad to nobody. I don't fight with nobody. I don't know where the cart come from. I don't know who did that to me. I don't see nobody. Maybe it's a mistake, I don't know."

However, Fernando Mateo, president of the New York Federation of Taxi Drivers, said, "It’s a turf war. It's that simple. We've heard over years there's been many fights and many arguments about who is picking who up." And the Post spoke to someone who was there:

A witness said an enraged livery driver pushed the cart over the railing of the third floor of a Bronx-mall parking garage and onto two African immigrants below because he was furious that one of their unlicensed pals had tried to lure a fare away with a $5 discount.

Anthony Clifton, who hangs out at the Gateway Center near Yankee Stadium, told The Post that the livery driver had earlier told a fare that a ride would cost $20.
“Then the unlicensed guy says ‘I’ll do it for $15.’ So it was like a cutthroat situation,” Clifton said.

“You know, these licensed drivers stick together. So they started arguing with the [unlicensed] guy . . . ‘You make it hard and it’s already hard for us now,’ ” Clifton said, quoting the furious licensed driver. The would-be cab passenger wanted no part of the argument and left, he said.

The shopping cart flew off the parking garage shortly after.

One cabdriver at the Gateway Center told the NY Time "it was not the first time a shopping cart had been tossed from the mall’s parking garage. A little over a year ago, he said someone dropped a cart onto the roof of his car while he was parked in front of Home Depot." Another driver said, "They have to do something. The first time it was a car. This time it was a life."