Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez, whose gross alleged sexual harassment of female staffers (forcing them to touch his tumor! forcing his hands up their inner thighs! did we mention leering at 14-year-old interns?) had brought even more shame to Albany said yesterday that he'd resign on June 20. But now he tells the Post he'll leave his position on Monday, to avoid an embarrassing expulsion process.

In a "bitter" interview, Lopez said, "For the sake of my family, for the sake of my close friends and for the sake of my own health, I will resign from the Assembly Monday morning by 10 a.m. Everything will end Monday. I want to make it clear that this is not an admission of wrongdoing on my part,’’ Lopez continued. “I have not admitted to wrongdoing, and I do feel I was denied an opportunity for due process in the investigations that took place."

Lopez, 71, is suffering from cancer and has insisted he didn't tell staffers to wear short skirts and low cut blouses or ask them to share hotel rooms. In fact, he says the whole investigation was a sham, "I was a member of the Assembly for 29 years, I dedicated my life to it. I would have expected better treatment and the ability to have my issues heard. People should be allowed to have due process of law, and I wasn’t allow to."

Lopez is running for NYC Council, but there's already a "molester-free" zone campaign against him.